Most if not all of the custom content shared on Wolfpak Blak have been inspired by sims in my game. I choose to share them because I think that others may enjoy having them in their game as well. In order for me to continue doing this, all I ask is that you respect the time and effort that I have put into my creations. Do not steal or claim anything that I have created as your own or share them on your website. You may recolor, alter, frankenstein anything that you like for your own personal use but please do not share them without my permission. If you would like to include my content with a sim that you have created just give credit. It's that simple. Thank you for your cooperation!

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  1. hello. I do not get a tattoo on normal skin in Photoshop .. I do not want the usual black etc.., I want a cool cool sleeve, about the not blue - green, it is possible (with vines, not bright colors, with birds, with no skulls) beautiful color, but not bright, with a shoulder to the wrist . Generally cool sleeve! I do not get (((.. I really want this!)) You'll be able to do this, I will send the skin. I'd like to, please help! ..