About Wolfpak Blak

What does  "Wolfpak Blak" exactly?
Wolfpak Blak is very much inspired by the sims within my game along with other elements of my personal gameplay. When I came up with the idea to create a site to share my creations, my creations were heavily influenced by a pack of punkish werewolves in my game. Hence the name, "Wolfpak Blak". All of the items that I am sharing here are directly inspired by sims in my game. I have even gone as far as creating a boutique in one of my game's subneighborhood, New Kensington, of the same name. In other words, this site is somewhat of an expansion of my game's universe which will be featured in a series that I am currently working on. ...just a way to keep things a little interesting for myself, honestly.

Who is Coco Charlotte?
I'm really not that interesting to be honest, hehe! My name's Christian and I am one of the few male simmers out there. I've been apart of the sim community since the very beginning back when I was a wee lad. I used to be much more active and had been the webmaster of a website that grew fairly successful in the past. Of course life happens and I fell back into being a bit of a lurker for the last few years. I got bored with TS3 and decided to switch back to TS2. I've finally come out of hiding and trying to get back into the swing of things.. Lets just say, the community is a lot different than the good ol' days that I remember..

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